I’m talking reason #5 – the last reason – you don’t have the bod you want today..

We covered thinking big picture versus quick fixes. We covered that your excuses are 100% valid, but need to be let go anyway, not knowing what to do, and thinking all this is just happening to you instead of it really just being a process…

Today? It’s a short one..

Let’s chat about the fact that you may just simply not want what you think you want.

If you believe that a fit person is selfish, self-indulgent, missing out, obsessed, neurotic, or has food issues or no life outside of the gym.. THEN WHO THE HELL WANTS TO BE THAT?

I don’t blame you for not wanting that.

But this is the picture that most people present when they think of those ‘fit people’.

What if fitness just looked like:

  • never being scared to go on an adventure
  • trying new things and having an open mind and heart
  • eating food that doesn’t make you feel lethargic and guilty
  • confidence in your clothing or with your partner
  • never being out of breath
  • being happy and capable..

Ok, I take it back – if this is the picture of fitness, then slap me with an “OBSESSED” label because I can’t get enough..!

Point? Don’t ‘want’ what you perceive to be great through someone else’s lens.

Fitness can mean a lot things.

Find what it means for YOU, where your point A is versus your point B.. Know what it is for YOU to get there.. and plan to achieve your first milestone in a couple of days. (give yourself a time limit..)

And hey – any comments on this? I’d love to hear your side.. Comment below and let me know!