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The TrainingLife Club Lifestyle Mentorship Program:

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HotBody Momma:

TrainingLife’s specialty offering to those trying to conceive, pregnant, or postpartum. Know exactly what to do week-to-week as you prepare for pregnancy, stay fit and fabulous throughout your pregnancy, and recover faster and more confident than ever! This program is offered in 12 week phases and is flexible due to pregnancy demands.

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I thoroughly enjoyed training with Krista. She is incredibly knowledgable, passionate and she understands how to build a beautiful and strong female physique. Her dedication to me was inspiring and motivated me to train harder, which helped me achieve amazing results. I highly recommend Krista to anyone looking to seriously transform their body.

Rhiannon T

Krista is a ball of energy. Her passion to help people get fit and healthy is evident in every class. For me, someone who really needs someone motivating me and pushing me to do more, Krista is the perfect leader and encourager. Her exercises can be modified for any fitness level and her knowledge of health and nutrition to have the most effective results and get the most out of your workout is a bonus!
I would recommend Krista to anyone looking to get healthier and have fun doing it!

Natalie W

Krista believed in me before I believed in myself, and through her endless energy, support, hilarity and positivity I was able to exceed my own expectations. She pushed me hard, but only because she knew I was capable of more than I gave myself credit for – and for that, I will always be grateful.

Jenn G

Krista is an amazing personal trainer. She was my very first connection into fitness and got me hooked! Whether you’re new to fitness or a seasoned pro that needs that extra push to help you to your goal, Krista’s combination of exercises and nutrition knowledge will help you succeed!

Kristina D

Krista Marchand, is a one of a kind trainer. Who understands what her clients want, need and expect. Never has my body and mindset been so wonderfully transformed. She puts in the work!

Sophie H

I started training with Krista when I was prepping for the police fitness test. I continued to train with her because she made every work out new, and fun! She whipped me into the best shape of my life! I lost weight, toned muscle and felt kick-ass amazing. She provided me with the workouts we did and made it super easy to also work out at home in addition to my sessions with her. Krista changed my entire opinion about working out and I am forever grateful!

Alaina T

Michelle B

Krista is an awesome trainer who was super dedicated to teaching me proper form which has helped with every aspect of my workouts. She was always available for advice with nutrition and I saw amazing progress thanks to her guidance.

Vanessa B

I began training with Krista in the Fall of 2014 – Winter 2015. My original goal was to improve my strength, tone up and feel better mentally. Krista was very encouraging, supportive and helpful in keeping me motivated. She made working out a lot of fun and I was able to achieve a lot of my results more quickly than I had imagined I could. (I can’t remember a time that my back muscles looked like that…ever!!!) It was a pleasure working with Krista and she set a great foundation to improve my quality of life.

Meghan F

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