What to do if your abs split after pregnancy!

[MOMMAS! ABS SPLIT? WEIRDO SEPARATION? CAN'T GET IT BACK??] Anyone who has had a babes knows the craziness that happens to their bellies - right? Have you ever actually CHECKED to see what's going on? I know I felt super weird assessing my diastasis recti because the...

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Why being rude never helps you..

I’ve had a few wake up calls in my life.. where split decision judgements came back to bite me big time. I’ll give you an example - Picture this: a young ME, travelling with my bestie (we didn’t say that then of course.. I don’t even think BFF was a thing yet) through...

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The Truth About “It Worked For Me Before”

When we are faced with the challenge of learning or doing something new it’s a natural reaction to freak out. New stuff can really suck. It can be super hard and it can feel like there’s no way you are going to add it into your day. But the shiny newness is often...

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Stress & Hot Bods – Daytime Ottawa

We all have stress, and we also have a desire to be fit, confident, healthy, and strong. So how do you navigate this when you're stressed to the MAX? Here are my ideas.. Ok. so now you've seen my tv Rogers Ottawa/ Daytime Ottawa segment - but, what DIDN'T I get to?...

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5 reasons why “I’m just a mom now” is B.S.

Yes. I rarely get out of my pyjamas until 4 - ok 5pm - when I’ve decided that (really) enough is enough and it’s time to go workout or whatever. But let me tell you - it’s not JUST because I’m a mom now. It’s pure logistics - I work from home so between the time it...

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Winter 2017 Absolute MUST HAVES! Peep the Mini-Box!

Mind: No time like the present to slip out of fear and into love with your life.. Give your soul a hug with this one from Gabrielle Bernstein. Mouth: Hey? Wanna make cooking the BEST? You absolutely NEED to get Valerie Cogswell's Healthy Shopping List & Product...

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You’ll be motivated until Jan 7th. Then what?

No bells and whistles today ladies.. Just a question.   We all have a vague idea of what our lives would look like if we were truly DOING IT, living exactly how we wanted to, experiencing all the things we imagine we would when we are HAPPY. This is a powerful...

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Sweet! (But not good..)

I know, I know, I know. You NEED something to sweeten up your STUFF. But, let’s take a quick moment to find out what all those artificial sweeteners are really doing to your body, your brain, and your FAT – because some really cool studies are showing some...

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Oh Hey! That’s B.S.!

Ok. In the spirit of calling us all out  on our bullsh!t - cuz we all have it don’t we? This has to be said: Create your life by design. Or your life’s design will get chalked up to excuses. WANT IT. ..You GOT...

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