Mind: No time like the present to slip out of fear and into love with your life.. Give your soul a hug with this one from Gabrielle Bernstein.

Mouth: Hey? Wanna make cooking the BEST? You absolutely NEED to get Valerie Cogswell’s Healthy Shopping List & Product Guide PLUS the Recipe Swap Guide & Chef’s Tips! Could it get any easier? LOVE.

Belly: I see you vegetarians. And I want you to know it’s finally OK – your protein conundrum is solved! Thank Dan Miller for this little gem – and Chef Valerie for drawing my attention to it!

Wrists: G-Love Wrist Wraps make me utterly SWOON! I love these Skulls Wrist Wraps – but they also come in Leopard (we all know I LOVE my leopard!), Wonder Woman, and Hot Pink!

Hands: I can’t decide if I want to feel SEXY or super POWERFUL so I think I’ll get both of these G-Loves workout gloves: I’m Every Woman AND Love Is A Battlefield. There is truly just too much CUTE to choose from.

The WHOLE Kit&Kaboodle: BATTLE ROPES. Nothing really gets you fired up like grabbing a rope and slamming all your stress out on it! And hey – why not get a mount or anchor straps at the same time?

Insides: Nothing loves your GUT more than a nice dose of KOMBUCHA! Otherwise known as fermented tea! Nomnomnom probiotics, B Vitamins, and acids that makes you feel energized and cleansed, help with the weight-loss battle, and ramp up your immune system and digestion. Umm, sounds totally lovely? I’m loving what they are doing at BUCHIPOP but you’ll likely have to seek out some kombucha near you;)

Butt: Can anything describe these tights by Super Fresh better than ‘the best’..? PASSION PINK LEGGINGS! Perfect.

Skin/Digestion/Mood/Joints/Energy: I have recently become a huge fan of Crossfuel products, but I truly LOVE their Amino Reps BCAA Hydration Drink! This has all the STUFF (electrolytes, crystalized coconut water, betaine, and of course BCAA) and none of the things you don’t in a training-day drink! Crossfuel? Well done YOU.

Feet: Because we can’t escape winter without them – the knee-highs. Here’s the thing – I can hardly even handle how awesome these SNEAKY NINJAs are.. But you actually really have to see the entire collection to appreciate the genius of SOCK IT TO ME. The Bad Ass Knee Highs, Staircase, and (I mean really how AWESOME) Starry Night are starting to make my already REAL addiction infinitely more serious.

Krista Kujat

Empowering women to feel whole, confident, sexy & free? Yes, please! Plus she’s the woman behind the Permission Retreat. Find her on Instagram, Facebook, or just because you CAN? Go on her retreat!

Valerie Cogswell

Check out Chef Valerie’s Instagram and get insta-hungry. Restaurant-style super healthy yummy food anyone? Plus – she’s just the cutest and her store makes me want to buy four of everything!

Danielle Laporte

Her #truthbombs are just so.. worth it. Stock her on Instagram, get her free audio book and really listen, or share your experience WITH her. Just connect. You’ll be so much better for it.

Meggan Watterson

“Sanctuary for spiritual misfits, for seekers of the extraordinary, for all of us who’ve made an altar of the heart, devotee to the soul-voice inside.” I could eat her up. Instead – I will devour her books! Love her on Instagram and Facebook, and then grab a book.

Barbella Box

“Barbella Box is a monthly package filled with premium Functional Fitness apparel, gear, accessories, snacks, supplements, workout tips, and more exclusively for women.” Umm.. yes please? You can even just go and shop their product choices if you want!

Fermented Turmeric Ginger

Energy. Reduced inflammation. Happy gut? Botanica’s Fermented Turmeric Ginger is a LIVING whole food with organic acids, enzymes, B vitamins, friendly yeast and bacteria, and micronutrients – and if you’ve never tried something like this? Add it into your day-to-day and reap some seriously amazing benefits!

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