No bells and whistles today ladies.. Just a question.


We all have a vague idea of what our lives would look like if we were truly DOING IT, living exactly how we wanted to, experiencing all the things we imagine we would when we are HAPPY.

This is a powerful vision isn’t it? A real driving force that’s completely unique to you.

Maybe you haven’t taken a lot of time to visualize that – and that’s ok too. We won’t dive too deep into the importance of it today.. But even in the quick picture that pops into your mind of who YOU are in that truly happy moment, I want you to ask yourself this:

How much of that woman’s happiness depends on being:




and Confident..?

Maybe it does for you, and maybe it doesn’t. How MUCH it does is certainly subjective.

Really quick, here’s why it’s awesome to be aware of how tied into your happiness being fit and confident can be:

It’s easy to stay on track for a 21 day challenge, or a 7-day jumpstart, or something like that isn’t it? You put it in your head to focus for this short period of time and the pay off is quick and feels AMAZING. HELLO HAPPY HORMONES!

But what happens after? What happens when your goals are bigger than 7 days, 21 days or even 28 days like in my 28 Day Transformation program? What is it that keeps up going longterm when there’s no ‘end’ in sight and all the WORK it takes seems too hard?

For those who answered that being is inextricably bound to your happiness (or at least aspects of it), you know that it’s not just about loosing 5lbs or 35lbs.. it’s about much more than that, isn’t it?

When being able to move, to be powerful, to just be CAPABLE of strength inside and out is such a huge factor in your over all happiness – and by that I mean your overall GOALS in every aspect of your life – make sure to take the time to factor your self-care into your 2017. 

Knowing how important it is makes it a little easier to get through the workouts, the new foods, and the challenges you have to go through to get FIT before it all just becomes your ‘normal’.

Let’s go BIG in 2017. Let’s think about the END goal FIRST (and by this I mean your HAPPINESS right?) because when you do, all of those little milestones you WANT to reach – like loosing 10lbs, learning to cook a chicken, running a race, or fitting into your little black dress – WILL happen along the way. But you’ve got bigger plans woman.

My New Year’s resolution will not be to loose a certain amount of weight or gain a certain amount of muscle. It will be to actively pursue HAPPINESS. And I will watch my health, fitness, strength, and confidence sky rocket as a happy bi-product of this daily focus.


You down?

Happiest 2017 beauty.

Ready to take the next step?