I’m talking reason #3 you don’t have the bod you want today..

We covered thinking big picture versus quick fixes. We covered that your excuses are 100% valid, but need to be let go anyway..


Let’s talk about you not knowing what to do.

I’ll give you a few examples:

  • You know the basics of working out, but you hurt your knee so now you can’t do what you have always done
  • You know how to eat healthy foods, but you have a lot of trouble at work/social events/feeding your family
  • You can’t get motivated to do what has worked for you in the past
  • You’re working out hard and eating well and still not as toned as you’d like to be
  • Or.. you really don’t have an exercise or nutrition routine because it hasn’t mattered too much until now

There are curve balls at every stage, right?

You could be knocking out amazing workouts every day, lifting personal bests, and eating insanely clean – and STILL not have the body you want because maybe you aren’t also doing some interval training, or yoga, or maybe your digestion is shot from years of birth control/dieting/allergies/stress.

When we aren’t motivated to do something we’ve done before, sometimes it’s because it really isn’t worth doing – the pay-off isn’t worth the pain so to speak.

  • Like cutting calories too drastically just to have the weight come back when you can’t take it anymore.
  • Or running to lose weight. (this one is just a downhill spiral unless you like marathons) — more on this tomorrow;)

Maybe you had a baby and your core strength just doesn’t allow you to do the things you love anymore..

Whatever your situation – it’s easily remedied.

Start asking questions! Be interested! Commit to your interest!

The absolute worst thing you’ll hear is, “no” and that just means move on baby!

If where you are at now, isn’t where you want to be – despite your best efforts given your unique circumstance – then keep asking until you get the answers you need.

Don’t accept that your current normal is all there is.

There’s a lot of genius out there ready and willing to help you discover your path to your perfect, healthy, strong body – whatever that means to you.

Your body loves you.. forgive it for anything it has done in the past and let it take on the new identity you want it to.


Chat soon..;)