Ok – reason #4 your bod isn’t where you want it..

We covered thinking big picture versus quick fixes. We covered that your excuses are 100% valid, but need to be let go anyway, AND that you may just legitimately not know how to get unstuck…


Let’s talk about how this is all JUST HAPPENING to you.

So.. depending on how you were brought up, different things are ‘normal’ to you that may not be normal to other people.

Example? I LOVE eating cottage cheese and yogurt mixed to together – I did it all the time as a kid. People think that’s super weird.

And it certainly never occurred to ME that it was weird until someone looked at it and said, “Ew! That’s gross!” Which blew me away because it’s actually delicious.

Point being – our ideas about food, or any lifestyle choice really, are just that: IDEAS.

If you grew up in a family that overate and didn’t value an active lifestyle, it may be hard for you to think that there’s anything different for you..

But the truth is that how you eat, how you move, and how you treat yourself isn’t just happening TO you… It’s a process. A learned process. If you scraped your knee as a kid and got soothed with a cookie – how do you think you get soothed as an adult? It’s likely with food (and probably not kale).

But the more you can see where the skill set you currently have comes from, and unemotionally detach yourself from anything that doesn’t serve you anymore – the easier it is to see that food, exercise, outlook – life – is a process.

And it’s up to you by whose rules you choose to play.

BUT. There’s a BUT.

“What if my family laughs at me or doesn’t believe my choices are valid?”

That’s totally fine. You’re not here to change everyone’s opinion of a ‘healthy’ lifestyle in a snap. But it doesn’t mean you can’t stand firm in your own beliefs. If you have a big family dinner and everyone expects pasta – it’s just as easy to only have meat sauce and salad.

Because when you look around at the people you spend the most time with, or whose opinions you value (like it or not), if they aren’t shining examples of what you want to be, then you gotta rise above luv. 

Never blend into a crowd if the crowd doesn’t represent your ideals just for the sake of not rocking the boat. ROCK THE BOAT. It’s part of dissecting your “process” and stitching together one that makes you feel frigging amazing instead of just like a good little girl/boy.

Part of learning your current processes is slowing down enough to recognize them.

And this is the cool part – because most of us make our excuses our identities, don’t we?

  • That person who never has any money.. (The Victim: no luck, victimized, woe is me..?)
  • That person who is way too busy to eat well.. (The Boss: no one else understands your life, the pressure, the demands)
  • The person who always puts themselves last.. (The Saint: cares for everyone, they would fall literally apart with you)

And this becomes WHO we are, doesn’t it? And it translates into all realms of our lives. But these identities are just excuses used over and over again to get what we want from people around us.

The person with no money wants you to feel bad and give them money or make things easier for them. The one who’s busy? Wants you to say, “Yes, I agree you are waaay too busy to choose the salad over the fries.” The one who puts themselves last? Wants you to find the honour in their selflessness..

But none of it’s honourable and none of it is really even real until you say it is.

We all know that it’s true. Maybe we’re too tired, too ignorant, or too deeply enveloped to care – but it’s still true.

And it’s still a process. (which you choose!) So choose carefully.. you’re actual LIFE depends on it..

Talk soon!