Anyone who has had a babes knows the craziness that happens to their bellies – right?

Have you ever actually CHECKED to see what’s going on?

I know I felt super weird assessing my diastasis recti because the thought of feeling the squishiness between my abs was just creepy!


Following the principle that you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken, I did it. And it still creeps me out… :/

However, by taking the time to train properly I have seen some major improvements in the quality of the tissue of my linea abla and THAT makes me super happy!

I began training this last summer and now the tissues from my belly button to my sternum are basically taut again! I still have work on my lower abs – and I’m not sure how much better they will get because I definitely beat them up training “normally” following my first pregnancy. I LEARNED MY LESSON.

I still have pain because of this, but it is a million times better than it was last year.

This means I can move forward with bulletproofing my body and having some serious FUN getting strong again!

If you are suffering from this – it’s NOT your imagination! It’s just that there isn’t enough awareness of how to heal in super-human ways;)

It CAN get better!

Take action to heal momma. This particular investment is never a waste of time. It’s about your comfort, your confidence, and your ability to bulletproof your body after having kiddos! This is a massive physical event! There is a lot you can do DURING pregnancy to help you out, but there is also a lot you can do post if you missed out on the awesomeness of training during pregnancy.

If you would like to be lead step-by-step through this process so that you can feel extra confident you are on the path to tighter abs, feel free to apply below!

I have 4 spots available in my Hot Body Momma Platinum program and have opened up the Hot Body Momma Club online group training program for mommas who really want to take action to keep hella-strong and healthy before, during, and post-pregnancy!

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