We all have stress, and we also have a desire to be fit, confident, healthy, and strong.

So how do you navigate this when you’re stressed to the MAX?

Here are my ideas..

Ok. so now you’ve seen my tv Rogers Ottawa/ Daytime Ottawa segment – but, what DIDN’T I get to?

Caring for your gut! This is SUPER important because most of the happy hormone serotonin that we produce in our bodies is produced riiiiight there in our gut!

Ya wanna BE happy? Make that gut happy babaaay.

Here’s an awesome way – make some sauerkraut at home! Super easy way to get some non-pasteurized probiotic goodness into your gut.

Get a frying pan.

1 tbsp coconut oil
2 eggs.
1 scoop almond butter.
2 handfuls of spinach (or warm up a cube or two of frozen spinach)
Hot sauce.
Your DIY sauerkraut.

Heat the pan, pop in the coconut oil and melt in the almond butter, mix in the spinach, crack the eggs in and scramble ’em up! Scramble until it’s all mixed together to the doneness you like.

Scoop it into a bowl, top with sauerkraut and hot sauce.

LOVE your breakfast.

You’re welcome;)