[this is not a news flash]

If you want to lean out there are some basics to cover:

  • Learn WHY to eat
  • Learn WHY to exercise
  • Learn WHY your mind is the key to the whole thing

Seems like, yeah yeah Krista – I got it.

But do you? I’m not entirely sure you’d still be reading this if you were. 😉 Right? Because I said WHY – not what or how..

Today? Let’s look at why having a sustainable hot body has nothing to do with cutting too many calories, tons of cardio, strict meal plans, or just pushing harder..


You’re not looking at the big picture. [SERIOUSLY. Don’t just read that and move on.. really consider it.]

If point A is where you are and point B is where you wanna be.. all of those dashes from one point to the other are mini-milestones you need to hit.

Most people pick up speed right in the beginning, then think the job is done.

The real sustainable stuff comes from acknowledging the skills you’ve learned (your successes) and building on them..

What’s the point of doing some weird juice detox, or drastically cutting your calories, or eating cabbage soup for a week, if on day EIGHT you go right back to what got you to point A in the first place?

Most people don’t want to really learn what it takes – they want a pill to pop to wake up lean over night.

But you have to think big picture.

Exercising and refraining from eating crap isn’t just about losing inches.

Make no mistake – if you are eating crap, your body is literally made up of CRAP. And if you have no cardiovascular ability (by this I mean your heart isn’t pumping blood hell-good) then you also don’t have the ability to detox all that crap out of your system.

It’s like building a house with toxic, rotting parts, then sealing off all the windows and doors.

Nobody would ever LIVE there! And yet that is the average human body in many parts of the world. And we wonder why obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression, anxiety etc are UP?

So #1 – you have a choice to make..

  • Decide what matters more to you – long-term health and real fitness and nutrition savvy? Or, justifying away point B because point A seems easier – regardless of the negative impacts on your body, spirit, and life.
  • Listening to magazines, celebrities, companies pushing pills/packaged foods/harmful diets – Or taking small daily actions wherein the whole equals way more than the sum of the parts…

Because when you think in these terms, it takes away all the, “I know what to do, I’m just not doing it,” reasoning you may have.

Unless you are 100% knowledgable on:

  • Each and every hormonal response in the body
  • Each of your body’s energy systems and how to exploit them
  • Your digestive system and how it’s linked to everything
  • The ways in which you brain is hardwired to sabotage you


  • The workouts that correlate to each energy system to be able to take action
  • Food that works WITH your body instead of against it
  • The deeper causes of some symptoms like depression, anxiety, inability to lose weight, bad skin, thyroid issues, yeast etc

Or even that all of these things come into play when you simply want to exercise, eat well, and be happy…

Then you may not actually know what to do.. and that may be why you’re still stuck at point A.

Guess what though..

These things can’t be learned overnight, or with a pill, or even the tastiest cabbage soup (yes, I admit I did that diet once and truly did think the soup was delicious!).

So.. give yourself a break. 🙂 You don’t need to be an expert in any of these areas, you just need to acknowledge that these things are real and will either help or hinder you. And know that you can only develop one skill at a time.

So practice just getting good at one thing at a time..:)

Instead of A to B looking like:

A: 189lbs

B: 130lbs

Think of it like this:

Little steps.

But little steps derived from your big picture. You get me? Not a little step like cutting calories to 900/day for a month. That’s not a big picture milestone.

Think big picture.

Think of everything you would need to have accomplished to get from point A to point B (and I mean everything – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, environmentally…) and figure out your milestones.

Then slot them in your calendar baby.. Now you’re thinking big picture.

Well done you;)

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