Winter 2017 Absolute MUST HAVES! Peep the Mini-Box!

Mind: No time like the present to slip out of fear and into love with your life.. Give your soul a hug with this one from Gabrielle Bernstein. Mouth: Hey? Wanna make cooking the BEST? You absolutely NEED to get Valerie Cogswell's Healthy Shopping List & Product...

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You’ll be motivated until Jan 7th. Then what?

No bells and whistles today ladies.. Just a question.   We all have a vague idea of what our lives would look like if we were truly DOING IT, living exactly how we wanted to, experiencing all the things we imagine we would when we are HAPPY. This is a powerful...

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Sweet! (But not good..)

I know, I know, I know. You NEED something to sweeten up your STUFF. But, let’s take a quick moment to find out what all those artificial sweeteners are really doing to your body, your brain, and your FAT – because some really cool studies are showing some...

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Oh Hey! That’s B.S.!

Ok. In the spirit of calling us all out  on our bullsh!t - cuz we all have it don’t we? This has to be said: Create your life by design. Or your life’s design will get chalked up to excuses. WANT IT. ..You GOT...

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Get Your Quick Morning WAKE UP On!

Be honest. Are you a slug in the morning? There's some research that shows that optimal times to workout are actually in the afternoon or early-ish evening anyway. With one interesting caveat - which I'll get into in a moment. But did you know there's a THING that...

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My Legs Got So Big They Wouldn’t Fit My TIGHTS

So I recently had an unfortunate and rather annoying conversation with someone regarding their fitness. Unfortunate, because in the end I will not be able to help them and annoying because in the end I will not be able to help them. But it did bring up an interesting...

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Will The Holidays Add Jingle To YOUR Butt?

So here's what seems to be the truth: On average? The general amount of weight people gain over the holiday is just under one pound. Doesn't seem so bad right? But there are a few BUTs that I have to add to this: If you are already overweight that number jumps on...

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Alright already with the CONJURING and the JUDGY

So. When you go to a dinner, or a girls' night, or a family celebration or bbq, or any place really where the opportunity to eat something you haven't cooked yourself pops up - it feels really awesome to just eat whatever puff pastry or chips and dip or pasta salad...

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Get Viciously Addicted

I take choosing a coach incredibly seriously.. and I get viciously addicted to one if I find someone who truly listens to what I want and can get me there - and this serves me in more than just the fitness realm, I feel the same with regards to business coaching too....

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